SVIS is a Car tracking system which helps vehicle owners to monitor and control different aspects of their car like (location, speed, fuel level, diagnostics, e.t.c.).

Client: UWACO

Category: Tracking

Date: June 2019

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This system offers car owners greater convenience, control, and peace of mind while driving and managing their vehicles.The user is able to also send commands to lock and unlock the car, switch the lights on and off remotely among other things.

JavaScript, TypeScript

In addition, the system should provide real-time alerts to the user in case of any issues or emergencies such as low fuel levels, engine malfunctions, or accidents. These alerts can be sent to the user’s phone or other mobile devices through notifications or SMS messages. Furthermore, the system can also collect data on the car’s performance and usage patterns, which can be analyzed to improve maintenance, optimize fuel consumption, and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle.