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Mobile Point-of-sale and Ordering System

Running a business with the use of a software is not a new concept any longer. More and more people and businesses are realizing the comfort and relative ease which computerized systems offer and have become inextricable to these systems. From managing inventory and point-of-sales, software has gone beyond to even manage payroll and expenditure and there is also software for business intelligence. All companies need is a digital format of the data and they can find software to do the rest of the magic.

Is it always possible to get data in digital format ?

Some companies carry out field sales such as car deliveries or organizations carry out marketing research / surveys on the field, does it make sense for them to put a laptop in their trunks or bags and carry around just to have this data digital?

Mobile devices such as smart phone/tablets come in handy and present a vast array of opportunities to facilitate our work if we think and use them right. Not only are they tools to make phone calls and send SMS but they are also programmable with Android systems being the most popular.

If you need to carry out some research and need to collect your data electronically, it is easy to consult with a Mobile App developer to tailor you a simple system which will suit your needs and then export your data in a simple format for you to analyse or feed another broader spectrum application.

For distributors, there are a few good mobile apps which allow you to capture your sales digitally. Even  more, these systems boasts of mobile printers which are almost the size of a mobile phone which you can connect with your mobile app to print out receipts for your clients! You can also export the sales data at the end of the day and feed your POS app for your business.


Real-time communication with other systems is also very possible. Mobile devies have GPRS and WiFi technology which they can connect to other systems via the internet and communicate in real-time. In some places in Africa where internet is still widely unavailable, expensive or unstable, some developers have gone a long way to use SMS technonlogy to transmit this information and keep 2 systems real-time.

Wholesaler are not left out of the picture, appart from sales, they can also get their orders from their retailers via a mobile app. It is easy for a retailer to pull out his phone, tap onto the app and quickly build a list of items which are running out of stock and the app could automatically generate a Purchase Order and send to the wholesaler.

Mobile Applications uses are so vast that they are limited to what we can think of.

We at Zinger Systems are taking a step into such solutions for our clients and we have already started developing a mobile app for Point-of-Sale with print capability and also an ordering system. Follow our next blog for more information or contact us directly if you have any questions or need FREE consulting.

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  • Soh Rahim Christian

    • August 2, 2018 @ 6:04 am
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    Greetings to all.I LOVE the way you guys customize your sites and pls i want to learn how to build mobile apps
    question: were you the guys who built UB mobile app as well as their website having a registration form, and a login form where students can login to get their results?

    • diyen

      • June 3, 2020 @ 9:44 am
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      Sorry we are only seeing this message today as we do not check comments. If you want to get in touch with us, kindly use or contact form.

      We helped in the development of the platform for UB but not all the aspects. The main company behind that is called Go-Groups. You can find out more about them.


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