Zinger Systems

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Why Zinger Systems? Let us help you make that big decision.

Customers, both overseas and locally who thirst for affordable yet effective solutions have been quenched with Zinger Systems products and services. They recognize the contributions our creativity and professional excellence have made to their profitability, competitiveness and all-round success. Some of their reasons to work with us were :


  •          Time Zone 

 Cameroon falls on the UTC+0100 time bed. Fortunately, this time bed is in sync or differs from Central European countries by just -+ 0100. This gives Zinger Systems and opportunity to work fluently with it customers with minimal time conflicts. This also gives Zinger Systems an opportunity to act as an extension to development teams with other development partners abroad.


  •           Location 

Zinger Systems is head-quartered in Buea, capital to the South West Region which is just forty-five minutes away from the economic capital Douala. This gives Zinger easy access to its clients and thus makes communication fluid.

Zinger Systems sits deep in Molyko, the Educational precinct of Buea, which presents a rich pool of talent from which Zinger can tap to extend and grow its team


  •           Bilingualism

Being one of the only two bilingual countries in the world, Cameroon interprets English and French which are the most top languages for business success. This provides room for clarity of client specifications, elimination of error-prone translations processes and thus speeds up development and cuts cost.


  •          Technological Superiority & Flexibility

Zinger Systems prides itself with its unique abilities and strategies employed to keep abreast with the latest technologies in the market, conform to standards and the willingness to upgrade.

This is eminent by the broad array of technologies it employs such as Java, PHP, jQuery, .NET, Adobe Air, Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails just to name a few.


With all these necessary tools in our box, solutions to problems become clearly visible and quickly to implement, thus time and cost saving